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About AAJA

The Asian American Journalists Association was founded in 1981 by a group of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) journalists who wanted to connect and support AAPIs in an industry where there were few. AAJA supports working journalists and encourages AAPI students to join the field through scholarships, professional stipends, workshops, networking opportunities, job listings and other professional programs.

This year, we are our forgoing our national convention to join our partners at the UNITY convention in Las Vegas from Aug. 1 through 4. Attending journalists will receive the saltest professional training and opportunities to expand their industry contacts.

Our 2013 national convention will be held in New York City. For more details, visit the convention page on the AAJA National Website.

AAJA also strives for fairness and accuracy in media representation of Asian-Pacific Islander communities, and through our Media Watch program, researches and points out where coverage strays from those goals.

Our organization started with six people and since grew to over 1,000. AAJA is a non-profit based in San Francisco and has 19 chapters across the United States, and one in Asia.For more information about what AAJA offers, please visit the AAJA National Web site.


The Texas chapter of AAJA launched in Dallas in 1988 and has grown to include members across the state, from El Paso to Houston. Its first state convention in 1997 brought together more than 40 journalists and students. The Texas chapter offers professional stipends and student scholarships and also organizes mixers and professional workshops. We aim to connect working journalists and students from all over the state and region while serving as a valuable professional resource in these changing times.




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