Pool Fencing

National law mandates for households to ensure pool safety, and glass pool fencing is the best way to maximize aesthetic considerations, while ensuring the moral and legal obligations of swimming pool security and safety. Glass & Fencing Warehouse safety ranges of options when it comes to fencing take what could be conceived as a monotonous obligation and turn it into a pleasure. While Australia wide law may insist that secure fencing is erected around pools, this does not mean that this utilitarian feature must be anything but beautiful. A major consideration is the safety of children when it comes to pool time and the law stipulates that it must not be possible to climb over a fence, or for the lock to be accessible by anybody under 1.2m. For this practical reason, pool glass fencing is a major seller in Melbourne Western Australia as it is impossible to scale it without Spider Man type abilities; but, more importantly is the superior quality and appearance which a glass fence provides to any home. Compare Glass & Fencing Warehouse safety products and you will find that they are far superior to our nearest competitors; this is due to the sophisticated training in the nature of production which takes place before a specialist is qualified for the installation of our world-class, highest quality fences. We, as the leading Glass & Fencing Warehouse WA, provide Affordable Glass Pool Fencing installation for both home and commercial interests for prices which are by far the cheapest in the industry, as well as being the best. Therefore, remember that if you are looking for price, quality and guaranteed safety then you have found exactly what you seek. We guarantee compliance with all nationwide regulations, plus you get the additional benefit of having added to the value of your home, while beautifying it in the process; and all this at the cheapest possible prices.

Glass Pool Fences

Pool fence glass is the choice for those who value the aesthetics of their home as much as the security of their swimming pool area. State regulations are very strict about what is and is not permitted to go around pools, aluminum, or stainless steel rails are allowed, but are restricted to a space of 100mm between each rail. This is perfectly practical and we offer this service, ensuring toughened and reinforced glazing posts and fencing that could withstand an attack from a raging bull. However, swimming pool fences whether in Brisbane, or across the country, if possible, should enable those who are in the area to see what is going on around them unhindered, as well as for people passing by to get a good look at the quality pool that no doubt took months of planning, installation and preparation. Our installation teams are skilled in creating child-resistant structures which are able to withstand heavy punishment and client feedback suggests to us that they are also a charming bunch. If you would like a real world look at what it is possible to buy, our showrooms have working examples for you to sample, but perhaps, given the present context in which we are communicating, it may be easier to navigate around our site and see if there are fences which you feel would improve your particular setting.

Swimming Pool Fence

Our website is filled with many examples of the quality swimming pool fencing Melbourne that have made us a market leader, and we hope that you find something that you feel may suit you. Our swimming pool fences are present in the homes of many happy and content families across Australia, safe in the knowledge that they do not have to remain vigilant at all times as their glass fencing is keeping trouble away from the swimming pool. Changes in national and local law occur regularly; however, we are always a step ahead of any regulations and are fully certified agents in the specialist installation and supply of frameless pool fencing to Sydney, and to the whole nation. Total security and safety are guaranteed, and our reliable and durable fencing structures and built to withstand even the most violent weather conditions; in addition, fencing that allows you to see your pool and/or garden ensures that nothing is taken away from your view on installation. All in all, it is fair to say that hiring installation experts of the highest quality is a definite step up from an attempted botched DIY job, compare us to our competitors and you will find superior quality delivered at cost effective, affordable prices.

Affordable Glass Pool Fencing
Affordable Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

People sometimes ask us if glass is secure as a fencing material, these people are clearly unaware of the toughened glass which we use in the installation of all of our glass fences. While glass may seem like a frail material, especially in comparison to aluminum or stainless steel, the reinforced, hardened, and toughened glass fencing which we use in construction is able to withstand heavy punishment and all weather conditions. The superior nature of producing this material is done with total safety as the main consideration, while ensuring that an aesthetically pleasing product is the end result of all endeavors made in our factory, with the training of our specialists, and, of course, in the process of installation itself. Glass & Fencing Warehouse provides a superior reliable brand name to the process of installing semi frameless swimming pool fencing from Melbourne and beyond. These fences use liberally spread out frames, but never in a manner which presents an eyesore; and we encourage you to compare them with completely frameless fences and see which is most suited to your particular needs. Whether commercial or domestic, we are able to provide world-class quality, cost-effective solutions on whatever type of fencing is most appropriate to the specific contextual needs of our valued clients.

Glass Pool Fencing Australia

As it should be apparent by now, glass fencing provides much more than just the function of securing a swimming pool against unexpected accidents or intruders, it also acts as a tool in the beautification of a home. A glass fence looks great, and enables people to see both in and out of the pool area unhindered. Pool fencing is obligatory across the nation, even in VIC, and there are state penalties handed down to the owners of pools which do not have appropriate fencing. These regulations are very specific, and penalties for non-compliance can be harsh; fear not though, as our specialists are aware of Australia wide legal expectations and produce fencing that ensures all legal requirements are met, while minimizing the effects that unsightly fencing can bring. It is for this reason that we always recommend glass fencing, if at all possible, as the safety element can be taken as a given, while the sophisticated and cultured look of the fence beautifies the whole area and may well increase the value of the property on which it is installed. Whether commercial or home installation, consult with us at your nearest possible opportunity and let us tell you all about our superior swimming pool glass fencing.

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