Everything You Should Know Before Hiring A Developers

Everything You Should Know Before Hiring A Developers

Due to large popularity of PHP, diversities of open source software and highly robust framework inclusion, PHP scores top for the website or web application development, but it’s very daunting to select the right PHP developer or PHP expert team for your next project. Mistakes in the selection of right team cost to loss of money, efforts and time and lots of frustration. To avoid this, please find below useful guidelines to add the right team to your board.

Understand your technical needs and align with the developer

It’s very important to understand the technical need which your project demands especially if your project is already built and you are looking to extend the team. Verify if developer technical knowledge will align with your needs. Check developer knowledge about the server requirements, tools, database, development framework and associated technologies which frequently needed to smooth development. The developer lacking skills in technical aspects make development slow and create unnecessary dependency on other teammates.

Understand the execution process

It’s very important to understand the execution process of your future development. Understand how are your future change requests going to be entertained and how’s development is going to align with your existing team to meet your goals. In case if you have multiple teams then you must need to understand project execution will not conflict with other.

Backup plan or support for an emergency

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This is very vital to always have a backup for your PHP developer or your team. Before hiring, you need to make sure what will be a backup plan for the developer in case of existing Experience PHP developer or any members are not available in the team for any reason for a few days or sudden left for forever. Does the company have enough resources or most important experienced person to replace lost of the existing team member(s)? It’s also important to understand how the handover process when someone is going to leave your existing team. Make sure the handover process should be smooth and your remote development company must have enough backup resources in case of emergency team member exist.

Communication channel and supportive tool

The communication tool or the project collaboration tool is very important in case of remote development or multiple teams handling to make sure all team members are on the same page. It is also important to store files and messages efficiently for future purpose. It’s easy to lose one important message about the projects in an array of thousands of emails or it might be spam for any reason. Another supportive tool for ideal development checks if remote custom PHP development team supporting any tools for the bugs tracking, tools for the code repository and last but not least any tool for remote developer effort tracking for the transparency.

Developer experience

Before hiring the PHP developer, double-check if his/her experience is enough to cater your project challenges. It’s always recommended to hire an expert although the rate is high to make smooth development. inexperienced developer makes development slow and leads some tasks to a dead end. Lack of experience always cost later due to inefficiency followed throughout the project.

Development model which suits your need

Choose the right development model which fits your project requirements, not the development company trying to sell you. Understand the carefully pro and cons of all developments model which development company offering, select wisely the development model by considering all future aspects. Some times fixed cost model is better which bound to cost and time, but the other downside it loses flexibility for rapid development, it has a time-consuming process. Same way, the dedicated development model and the hourly models having their own plus and minus points. The dedicated model is an ideal for ongoing project development and an agile-based development, while the hourly basis is best where the hours are not predictable in advance or regular small work.

Other Support teams

PHP is merely server-side scripting language. It is incomplete without the front end technologies. Hiring experienced PHP developer only is not the answer for your complete development. You must need to understand how to tackle other supportive technologies like HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, ReactNative or any other front end technologies. Make sure the company having full flag team of front end developers along with the freelance PHP developers. The freelance PHP developers might be some skills for the front end technologies but it might be great chances it will not match the expertise level to align with the latest trend of front end technologies. Apart from the front end technologies, you also need to understand if the PHP web development company having a quality assurance engineer or team to make sure the development is bug-free and also other support staff like Project Manager who is expertise in planning and also involved whenever their support needed for the complex tasks and future project planning. The support staff always add values to your team due to their experience in their relevant fields which add super values to your development.

Reporting and updates process

Before hiring your expert PHP developers understand how’s their reporting tool and what are weekly or monthly reporting pattern. You also need to understand if your team resides other time zones then how smoothly the execution is going on.

Portfolio and reference check

Before hiring your next PHP remote developer, cross-check with the portfolios and the client verification to make sure the company who are going to deal is a genuine , also make sure to have a word with their clients to know more details about them, you can also search their reputation online to make sure you will have the right team.

We agree the hiring the right PHP developer or PHP web development company is not going to be an easy process, but if you consider the above-mentioned points, then it’s not going to be a daunting task. It’s accepted that you are a layman and having limited knowledge about PHP, but little vigilance makes a difference for your future hiring. If you have any query or need more details for hiring PHP developer please contact us, we will get back to you swiftly.