How Crossfit Fort Lauderdale has Changed My Life

How Crossfit Fort Lauderdale has Changed My Life

At 43 years of age, I had just about given up on ever getting the body that I wanted. I’d done the yo-yo dieting, tried all of the latest supplements, and switched from one exercise craze to the next without getting consistent results that had staying power. In my younger years, my metabolism cooperated and I managed to achieve my ideal bodyweight. However, the dreaded middle age pouch crept up on me by the time I hit forty and nothing would touch it. I was ready to throw in the towel when I friend of mine invited me along to her Crossfit Fort Lauderdale gym. I figured I had nothing to lose. That decision has ultimately changed my life.

Crossfit Fort Lauderdale: Not Your Typical Gym

I walked into the gym, expecting to see a room full of buff people working out on all of the typical machines that clutter up all the other fitness facilities that I’ve visited. Gone were the rows upon rows of stationary bikes, elliptical, and treadmills. Besides seeing areas with a good deal of space that had been left wide open, there were an assortment of weight lifting bars, kettle bells, squat stands, rowers, jump ropes, pull up rings, and medicine balls. I realized this was going to be a whole new ball game.

Who Can Do Crossfit Fort Lauderdale?

I had heard that Crossfit Fort Lauderdale was really hard core and shied away from it in the past because I thought there was no way a woman on the edge of getting old would be able to do such a tough workout. I soon learned that nothing could be further from the truth. Crossfit Fort Lauderdale embraces every age group and ability level with the goal of helping people to hone their bodies into the best physical condition that is possible. From beginners to the most advanced athletes, everyone can participate, with the exception of those who have been barred from certain forms of exercise due to a pressing health condition. I stared at those who were doing 100 push ups and shook my head, inwardly moaning because I could only do a measly 10. My trainers encouraged me, telling me to start at my present level of endurance. Over time, with commitment, I’d be able to push myself to do more. Participants of Crossfit Fort Lauderdale training modify or adapt according to what they are physically capable of doing. Even those who have a sports injury are not forced to sit on the side-lines. They might have to engage in a different type of exercise, but trainers will assist them in finding activities that are within the range of possibility while they wait for healing. This is huge for the fitness addict who can’t stand to be out of commission.

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What is involved in Crossfit Fort Lauderdale Training?

Crossfit Fort Lauderdale training means doing intense exercises that are varied, pushing participants to endurance training and interval training each day. Generally, it means doing a certain type of exercise as many times as possible in a prescribed period or putting on the speed to do it as fast as possible. Warming up and cooling down are essential portions of the workout that should not be ignored, otherwise serious injuries can result.

What are the Benefits of Crossfit Fort Lauderdale Training?

Best CrossFit Pittsburgh training has enabled me to improve in all areas of physical fitness, from my cardiovascular health to my stamina, strength, and agility. My body has had a complete transformation, thanks to my workout regimen. The fat has burned off of my frame and I’ve built lean muscle that has given me a physique to be proud of, regardless of what I’m wearing or the season. I can show off my legs and my arms without any shame. Most importantly of all, I feel healthy and strong. Whether I show up at the gym or put in my own workout at home, I won’t ever go back.