How To Survive Your 1st Month In The Gym: RIPT Athletes Share Their Tips

How To Survive Your 1st Month In The Gym: RIPT Athletes Share Their Tips

Visiting the gym for the first time can be daunting. If you’re like everyone else you’re probably worried about how you look, what other people will think and how to keep it up once you’ve started.

We’ve asked our RIPT Athletes to share their top tips on how to survive your 1st month in the gym.

Everything from watching videos, routines and going with a friend.



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DIET. This is a huge one for me. It can improve both your mental health as well as physical. It is crucial to educate yourself as much as possible, collect different opinions and try what works best for you. Don’t simply follow guidelines on food packages because unfortunately they are far from true. And don’t think being vegetarian or vegan is the key. There’s a lot more to it than just that, so really try spending some time every day exploring each topic.

Easiest way to start is by watching videos, reading books, listening to podcasts etc. that are related to health. It will get you back on track when needed, give you the mindset and educate you.

Don’t forget about your mental health. If you don’t feel confident and are intimidated by gym rats like me showing off out there, maybe start out with meditation. This will help you underpin the reasons behind anxiety, discomfort, shame or other factors stopping you from doing what you’d like to do because it’s all in your head. Working on your mind as much as your body is key. I believe that even most herniated discs, tense muscles etc. are deeply related to your psychological experiences.

Get a PT. I know it might be pricey but trust me, you’ll need someone to show you how to do things the right way and at least have a one friendly, welcoming face in your gym. Nobody wants injuries or wasted time. Even if it’s just for a short period of time. When you get a PT, please ask all the questions you might think of!

Last but not least, wear something that you feel confident in, something that you can’t wait to be wearing everyday 🙂

It will get easier with time.

Success is a habit.



Getting through your first month in the gym can be difficult as it involves a change in your routine. I feel the best way to get yourself into a new routine is to ease into it, don’t go all in too fast as you’ll burn yourself out! If you start with just getting there, do your first session and don’t go too hard as this isn’t what you’ll be used to. I do crossfit which is the first intense type of training I’ve ever done, I started out 2-3 times per week scaling where I needed too.

Don’t try to keep up with others around you as they have probably been training for a lot longer than you have, don’t try to compete with others or strain yourself. Also don’t push too hard with your diet, take it day by day and allow yourself some leeway, don’t deny yourself too much. Try to eat better but this doesn’t mean perfect!

You will learn to love training after seeing results, which comes with both the training and eating, but don’t expect to see results right away, people have different metabolisms and goals.

You probably won’t look exactly how you want too within your first month, but you will notice a difference within yourself, not just body but mindset, you will learn to push yourself harder each time, it’s a long term process. Try not to just train for short term, holidays etc, as you will lose your routine and therefore your motivation. The majority of the time your summer body is made in the winter so there is no better time to begin!

Good luck with your first month in the gym!


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Do your best to start with a friend better yet push yourself to make friends at your local gym, if you plan to meet someone there you’ll  do your best to no let them down (crazy how we can snooze ourselves but when someone is dependent on us we don’t!)

Get yourself some new fitness clothing! You know that feel when you put on a new outfit an you kinda just instantly feel good, it will help you feel more confident at the gym, trust me I’ve been there!!

The best approach to get somewhere is to simply start! Heck, even if the first month all you do is a few machines and he cross trainer with no real structure. what you are doing is creating a habit which in the long run is 100% better. Get the 1st month out the way and be consistent. Make a routine, after a few weeks of being consistent with your routine then add some structure. It’s like building a house you don’t pick your paint while you still have a construction site.

Consistency is your foundation, nail that first.

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