What’s it take to get your patrons their tickets? This is the big question events struggle with and this is where we can help. Generally, here are your current fulfillment options:

  • Sell tickets via your website and give the patron an e-ticket to print at home
  • Sell tickets via your website and mail tickets
  • Sell tickets via your website and allow patrons to pickup their tickets at a “will call” line or window
  • Allow patrons to come to a box office to pay and receive their tickets
  • Take orders over the phone and fulfill the tickets with one of the above methods.

Ideally what an e-ticket system will accomplish is to ease the burden of a human fulfilling ticket orders and save you money. The system should have the ability to sell tickets through an easy to use e-commerce store and allow the patron to print their own tickets. This is the perfect solution because the venue or event will never interact with the ticket purchaser until they walk to the gate and someone checks their ticket. buy xl center tickets will free up your staff for more important tasks, cut staffing costs, save printing costs, streamline and organize your processes and provide you detailed reporting anytime you need it.

buy xl center tickets
buy xl center tickets

XL Center Tickets offers the best of both worlds and we’re very flexible. You can completely streamline your event sales so you never see or hear from a patron until they’re at your event. You may also customize the system so you can (for example) sell tickets via your website but provide an option where XL Center prints the tickets and mails them for you. You can also take ticket orders over the phone but email the patron a link to print their ticket at home.

The options are endless and we’re here to help. Let us help you grow your event participation and streamline your venue operations with the best and most affordable e-ticketing system available. We believe that our fees are the lowest possible and our standards the highest, plus, we never charge a per-ticket fee to your patrons unless you want us to physically print and mail tickets. This fee is usually charged to the patron in the form of shipping and handling fee so there is no cost to your event. Our entire service can even be provided free to your venue if you decide to pass on our flat, monthly subscription fee to your patrons in the form of a small processing fee per order.


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