Treatments for Adrenal Fatigue

Treatments for Adrenal Fatigue

Treatment for adrenal fatigue requires a many-pronged approach. Because adrenal fatigue affects so many aspects of a person’s mind and body, it is important to treat each of those aspects with care. All of these things must be done at the same time, not one after the other. Treating yourself for adrenal fatigue is a complete life-makeover, requiring you to change several things in your day to day life.

Treating the Body

Building up the body’s defenses and strength is of supreme importance when beginning to treat adrenal fatigue. It’s important that you begin adhering to a diet that will help support adrenal health.

Rest as much as possible. Get in bed no later than 10 pm, and sleep in until 10 am if possible. If you have difficulty sleeping at night, use aromatherapy (lavender-scented spray) in your bedroom. Make sure your bedroom is cool and completely dark at night because these conditions are the most conducive to a good night’s sleep. Taking a warm bath or shower 45 minutes before you get into bed will help your mind and body start its nightly relaxation, readying itself for sleep.

Taking Supplements will Help your Body Heal more Quickly

Undertake a mild exercise program. Taking a slow, relaxing walk for 30 minutes each day is a good start. Also, yoga, stretching, and swimming is excellent exercises to begin one’s ascent out of adrenal fatigue. Remember that “easy does it” is the only approach that will start your body healing. Overdoing it too soon will only worsen your condition. Lifting weights, running, and competitive sports are out of the question until your body has begun to heal itself.

Adrenal Fatigues

Treating the Mind

To begin treating the mental effects of adrenal fatigue, you must first start eliminating all of the things that are potentially mentally toxic to you. Anything that you find emotionally upsetting, depressing, or things that cause you mental anguish should be removed from your life. If this means removing yourself from a toxic relationship, it’s important for you to do so. If you find the stories in the nightly news disturbing, you must stop watching it, and focus instead on things that bring you happiness.

Mental exhaustion due to anxiety and depression is common in adrenal fatigue. To begin battling these symptoms, try meditation, self-hypnosis, or using the law of attraction as explained in the DVD and best-selling book, The Secret. Using these techniques will help you clear the mind clutter and brain fog that your exhausted body has created.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. The hormones that are excreted during a fit of laughter has been shown to have amazing healing properties. For this reason, researchers often order their patients to watch funny tv shows or movies, at least once a day, to start them on the path of wellness.

Treating the Emotional Self

If your adrenal fatigue began with one particularly traumatic incident or period, use self-hypnosis to help you work through it. If you’re unable to resolve these past issues on your own, find a holistic therapist who can help you work out these issues with therapy rather than medication. It’s imperative that you get past the issues that started your illness if you ever want to move beyond adrenal fatigue completely.