United Life Insurance & Other Offerings

United Life Insurance & Other Offerings

Life insurance isn’t something that most of us think about until something bad happens. Maybe a tornado blows through town, your house is robbed, or a fire is started. Those are moments when you want to know that you have proper protection. While most of us have car insurance, health insurance, and even home insurance – not everyone thinks about life insurance. But you should. Take a look coverage options available through United Life Insurance and compare with other insurance carriers using our View Your Quotes button.

United Life Insurance Options

United is known for offering several means of protection for those in need, including personal and Global life insurance, identity management, auto insurance, and umbrella insurance. We’re going to focus on life insurance for now, and go over what they can provide you compared to the other insurance carrier rates.

The term, Whole, and Universal

Like many of the other insurance companies, United offers everything from term to whole to universal life insurance. They also offer an annuity option, as well, something that is not nearly as common.

Term insurance lasts a specific period of time and you pay the same price each month while the policy is active. Whole life insurance lasts for your whole life, hence the name whole life insurance. You can buy whole life insurance from United, its small affordable insurance that will cover your final expenses. If you’re on a fixed income this may be the type of coverage you need since it is lower in cost. As for universal life, this is a more flexible option that gives you the ability to defer premium payments or change amounts.


You can buy Annuities from United Life to help you achieve your long-term financial goals. Annuities are investments that are tax-deferred and typically designed for retirement. The purpose is to allow you to have a fixed income throughout your retirement. If you choose to purchase an annuity United Life has a variety of options to meet your needs.


United Life Insurance Customer Service

United life has great customer service. The company boasts thousands of licensed account specialists who are there to answer all of your questions. You can contact them about policy changes, billing, requests for information or insurance cards, and more. These specialists are only available to current policyholders to ensure a quick response and a high level of customer service.

For those who prefer to handle their problems on a self-service basis, that is also possible. UFGAgent.com allows you to print out information, pay bills, and even start claims all on your own. An app is also available that offers many of these same options. Compare United life insurance rates with other insurance carriers, or call us at 866-936-3831 and speak with a licensed specialist.

Paying the Bill

United makes it easy to pay your insurance premiums by allowing policyholders to set up accounts and autopay. You can do so through their site or through doxo.com, which can actually help you with organizing and paying all your bills. This is a great option for those who forget deadlines or just prefer to schedule payments ahead of time.

To find out about other lower priced options available to you, please click on our “View Your Quotes” button above or to speak with a licensed agent please call us at 866-936-3831. Gary W Blackmon is a licensed insurance agent and specializes in helping families with their life insurance needs. The agency focuses on providing the lowest cost life insurance to customers from New York to California.