Role Of High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers in Managing Divorces

Role Of High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers in Managing Divorces

The high net worth divorce lawyers play a major role in managing the divorce and settlement of HNI couples. The properties and assets which are movable or immovable are huge.

These not only include local assets but overseas assets as well! There are businesses, company shares, jewelry, and many more! Always, divorce is a matter of separation by a couple who are married. The fights, quarrels, and stressful situations make a couple separate. High net worth divorces involve more than $1 million in liquid assets.

Guidance of Divorce Lawyers:

They guide the HNI couples through many issues such as:
  • Spouse and child maintenance with lifestyle choices
  • The educational expense of the child
  • Property maintenance & division
  • Business assets
  • Personal assets
  • Inherited wealth

Guidance of Divorce Lawyers: - Cominos Family lawyer

The settlement procedure of high net worth divorces:

The most complicated part of high net worth divorces is dividing the properties among the spouses. All inheritances, onshore and offshore properties, business investments, etc. need to be evaluated and divided as per proportionate investment done by each partner. The High net worth Divorce Lawyers advise on the individual’s legal rights including the pre-nuptial agreements if done. Or the post-nuptial agreement if it exists. 

Children welfare and future security:

There are many problems in deciding the child’s future, especially if a parent is a non-resident! Provision needs to be made for school fees. If the parents would like to take children abroad on trips or would like to relocate, then both have to agree on terms set by the family court. The High net worth Divorce Lawyers help in this matter. These need to be done on non-confrontational dispute resolution.

Mediation on divorce for HNIs:

The High net worth Divorce Lawyers arrange for meetings between warring couples with a trained neutral mediator. The aim is to come to a voluntary settlement about all issues concerned. The couple need to attend the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) regularly. This is the quickest and less expensive way to resolve all practical issues among separating couples. If there are still unsolved issues, then collaborative law is the best solution.

High net worth divorce collaborative law:

The High net worth Divorce Lawyers advises on how to go about the division of assets through the practice of this law. Both spouses can sit across the table and through the support of their respective lawyers, negotiate the practicalities. All issues of division of assets, children welfare schemes are discussed. There are measures undertaken to minimize the conflicts and total control of the divorce proceedings are undertaken! One need not agree to all the terms laid down by the other partner.


High Net worth Divorce Lawyers help their clients or warring spouses to respond to divorce proceedings in court. They advise on filing the divorce petition and answers to the court arguments, initiated by one’s spouse. They help in expediting the divorce proceedings. Thus, they become an important factor in helping the separating partners to come to an agreeable settlement.