Things You Can Do at Serpentine Falls

Things You Can Do at Serpentine Falls

Falls are the most underrated and fascinating attraction for tourists in Australia. The majority of visitors choose to visit the beautiful beaches and clear water stretching across 12,000 kilometers; however, if you want to try something different other than those beach vibes, visit the beautiful location named Serpentine Falls. It is the perfect place for enjoyment and other recreational activities. The beauty of the location is that it is situated inside the Serpentine National Park, where you get the opportunity to see the wildlife at a closer length. People can have a lot of fun doing a variety of activities. Here are a few examples-

Take A Walk Closer to Nature

This is the most lovely thing that every tourist desires to do. An individual can take a walk on the Bluff Nature Track to perceive nature from a closed length. This track has been passed through woodlands, which gives individuals a perfect view of the valley. Besides that, a perfect walk closer to nature also gives individuals an inner piece of satisfaction and peacefulness.

You Can Do Picnic and Spend Quality Time

Serpentine Falls is the spot that is most likely to be liked by many picnic lovers. The place contains many beautiful natural rock pools, which is the perfect spot around which you can perform picnic things. The perfect season to visit the falls is during the winter months. Still, you can cherish the wildflowers’ beauty, which offers fascinating colors to the eyes, especially in spring.

In the end, the quality of the time you spend with your family and friends here will be the most important factor.

You can Take a Look at the Local Wildlife Including Friendly Kangaroos 

You Can Do at Serpentine Falls

Serpentine Falls also offers you an option where you can explore the local wildlife. The grand highlights of the National Park and its closeness to nature have drawn in guests for nearly 100 years. It is likewise a safe haven for various plants and creatures (especially kangaroos) and has a concealed grassed region famous for picnics. 

Also, it is home to a huge assortment of wildlife and organic excellence, containing bird species, kangaroos, echidnas, brushtail possums, wallabies.

Enjoy The Delicious Food

Falls also offers various amenities to an individual to enjoy themselves at the location. Amenities include picnic tables, shaded areas, barbecues, and food trucks that usually roam around the location on the weekends in case if you forget to pack your lunch. The quality of the taste that is offered here is up to the expectation of the tourists.

You will not be baffled with its steadily changing scope of delightful meals prepared by multi-award-winning cooks and all locally and naturally obtained ingredients.


Therefore, we can conclude that Serpentine Falls is the location where tourists can enjoy themselves and perform various fun-loving activities.