All About Translation Services In Abu Dhabi

All About Translation Services In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, located on the fronts of the Persian Gulf, is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It has an approximate population of 1.48 million and encompasses an area of 375 sq mi.  Being the second highest populated city of UAE, it welcomes people from all over the globe for opportunities. It holds supreme importance in the world wealth market since innumerable companies have set their headquarters here.

Several federal and local government offices are based in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi’s economic development depends highly on the production of crude oil and gas reservoirs. It has not only shaped into a massive metropolitan city but also has been the hub of political and industrial interest for quite some time now.

The revenue generated due to countless overseas investments has bestowed Abu Dhabi with the highest per capita income. Known as the fulcrum of UAE’s economics, Abu Dhabi is making growth by leaps and bounds to promote commerce and culture for tourism. It has been laying the groundwork to entertain tourists coming from all over the world.

Evidently, the tourists are foreigners and lack in understanding the local language, which is Arabic. Since hundreds of people visit Abu Dhabi every day for multiple purposes, it is inevitable to ignore the language barrier between foreigners and local people. In order to overcome this barrier, translation services in Abu Dhabi are imperative and essential.

Just like the vast majority of UAE, Arabic is the most popular language among locals in Abu Dhabi. It is fluently understood and spoken by the residents. The official, social and domestic work-grounds function on the basis of Arabic as the official language. Hence, all the people who visit Abu Dhabi require translation services to communicate.

These translation services serve to translate and interpret all kinds of official documents, for example, legal contracts, court orders, birth certificates, educational degrees, medical records, licenses, official forms. These translation facilities make the language hurdle go away by efficiently translating Arabic to any other language and vice versa.

Translation services in Abu Dhabi and business setups

The trade markets and the business empires in Abu Dhabi are making headway and enlarging their business on an everyday basis. The quote ‘time is money’ fits perfectly with the fast and extravagant lifestyle in Abu Dhabi. If one wishes to run along with this growth, one must be able to communicate with the locals accurately.

This is extremely important for entrepreneurs and companies who want to extend their market boundaries to Abu Dhabi. The translation services effectively guide the providers as well as the consumers who come from all corners of the world.

Services provided by a translation center

Substantially, the list of services that are or should be provided by a translation label is a long one. The following is a summary of all basic facilities that are usually provided by translation centers in Abu Dhabi:

  • Legal and formal document translation is required to authenticate the official data in the Arabic language which is acceptable in offices and courts in Abu Dhabi.
  • Financial and medical record translation quenches the need to keep check and balance and to avoid loss of important information.
  • Interpretations are made by experienced translators that represent companies during conferences and conventions.
  • Marketing and ads are translated into the Arabic language to reach and entice the target buyer population.
  • Translation of websites is done in order to satisfy the information requirement of internet surfers.
  • Translation of personal record
  • Educational certificates and degrees translated into Arabic
  • Translation done for business dealings and contracts

Immigration and tourism

Immigrants who opt for UAE face the immediate need to translate their official and domestic data into Arabic. Otherwise, their paperwork is not acceptable in UAE. The data includes birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving license, work recommendations, passport, etc.

Since Abu Dhabi is home to many famous and glorious tourist spots, it is not unusual for tourists to pour down like rain in these locations. With a massive influx of tourists, translation services become very handy.

Choosing a good translation company

The responsibility of translating information is crucial; therefore, one must be fully informed before selecting a company in order to make the right choice. Translation of Arabic to other languages and vice versa is a sensitive task to undertake; it is not a child’s play.

It is not merely the replacement of words; it requires precision to maintain the integrity of the real information. This job is demanding and one must know the qualities of a good translation service before adhering to it.

The working crew of a translation service is the key to the successful delivery of services. One should know the qualification of the staff he is rooting for. The staff should be well behaved and fully skilled. Translating legal, formal and domestic documents is quite challenging; its requirements can only be fulfilled by someone who has a detailed knowledge of linguistics he is dealing with.

The foremost need of the bulk of people is to find a label that best suits their budget. In this context, one should search for all the nearby translation services in Abu Dhabi and choose the one that can offer quality work at affordable prices.

Time management is of utmost importance when it comes to legal translation. Courts and legal institutions work within strict timelines, so any delay in submitting mandatory documents can lead to fatal results. Therefore, a translation company is considered up to mark only if it respects the deadlines given to customers.


To summarize it in a nutshell, it is severely important to understand and comprehend the significance of translation services in Abu Dhabi. In an economic center like Abu Dhabi, the incorporation of lingual dilemma cannot be denied.

It is almost impossible for the local institutions and foreign offices to work without the assistance of translators and interpreters. For the purpose of intercontinental development and business, the communication distance must be overcome for professionals as well as layman people. Hence, selecting and investing in a renowned translation label is indispensable.