Translation Services Shaping Language in the 21st Century

Translation Services Shaping Language in the 21st Century

Writing is one of the most beautiful ways of conveying your thoughts and opinions to the world. Language plays an important part in this respect; however, one of the ways you can expand your reach to the audience is by making your work available in multiple languages. 

Not just writing, but when it comes to modern-day world, people have more options in sharing their thoughts out to the public by means of podcasts, live shows, spoken word, written forms, etc. One way to attract attention to your work is by translating it into more languages. Even if you’re not multilingual, the availability of translation services has made this task much easier today.

Helps build economy and effective communication

Translation makes communication easier and effective. It is required for building global economy and relations, preserve cultural heritage and transmit knowledge. A proper translation helps you expand your business as the buyers can get a proper understanding of what the company stands for and the products they provide. This will help drive sales, makes business more prosperous and make your products available in the global market.

Makes content available to a bigger audience

 The availability of all sorts of tv shows, news, podcasts all over the world demands the translation of content that is accurate and easier to understand as well as suits the target audience. 

Dissemination of culture and information, promotion of tourism 

Translation increases exposure to knowledge and culture. This also helps promote tourism and makes tourists feel more welcomed.

What is a translation service?

A translation service provides the transition of a text from a source language to a target language. A person who has a good hold over both languages can translate efficiently and accurately with fewer chances of error. Today, various options are available for this purpose, for example:

  1. Using software for translation or google translator, digital dictionaries or apps. These save you a lot of money, offer a quicker and simplified translated text with high-quality translation. However, there might be errors in the translation of some languages as expression and tone isn’t always translated well.
  2. Hiring a translation company is the best option available as these people are experts in their field with years of professional experience. They’re able to translate multiple languages and do extensive work in less time.
  3.  Freelancers who offer translation services are also a good option as you can communicate with them freely, get personalized service and expect complete commitment at a lesser cost.

Types of translation services 

These may include:

  1. Conversational or General Translation 
  2. Literature or Books
  3. Marketing and Sales content
  4. Legal translation of contracts and certificates
  5. Technical translation involving medical/financial reports 
  6. Financial such as banking and annual reports
  7. Scientific for articles, thesis and papers
  8. Judicial translation of proceedings
  9. Literary translation
  10. Certified translation of wills etc.

What to look for?


Professional translation companies have language specialists who are not just experts in the source and target language but also are well acquainted with the idiomatic expressions and tones along with informal jargon used in language. A good company will rely on a good workforce built by people, not just on technology read this article.  

The following points must be kept in mind before choosing the right translation service:

  • Past experiences

Ask for reviews, past experience and request references. Consult people and companies who’ve availed their services before and ask about their experiences with the company. 

  • Financial security

Make sure the company is financially secure, so your work isn’t left uncompleted.

  • Procedures and Technology used

Inquire about their procedures, how they handle tasks and keep track of their work, the software and technology they rely on.

  • Language specialists

To get to know the standard of service, ask about the specialists hired by the company and how often they assess their linguistic skills, level of education, quality of work, proficiency and experience. Native translators offer a better quality of translation service.

  • Language options

Ask about the language combinations they offer. 

  1. Deadlines

Ask about their deadlines as a company often has multiple tasks being done at the same time so make sure your work is given the attention it requires.

  • Prices

Also inquire about their prices. A good company will quote a price after they’ve reviewed the text as the price depends on the content to be translated and technicalities. The price may also include the cost of project management and proofreading. If a company offers service at a lesser price, make sure they’re not compromising over these. 

  • Certified

Check if the company is accredited and ISO certified.

  • 24/7 global service  

Make sure the company works 24/7 and has a global service so even if a person sends in a request at the end of a work day in one part of the world, they still get a response quickly and efficiently even if it isn’t working hours in the other part of the world. 

This makes communication more efficient and a company that is active throughout the day will respond better to any changes you have requested or any other questions you might have.

  • Translation as a core service

Often a company provides more than just one type of service. Although this is good for working long-term with a company, it is important to make sure they have translation as a core service. Otherwise, they may outsource the project to a third party that will result in an overall decreased efficiency and quality of work.Translation services help cross language barriers and save time meanwhile providing access to all. They help you communicate with a global audience and make sure your content reaches the maximum audience. 

Mistranslated content has landed people in prisons, so choosing the right type of service according to your content is very important. Offering content, whether it is a piece of writing or product information, in multiple languages will attract more audience. This helps sell your product, build better relations and reach a common understanding.